A personal opinion on the song fixing to die rag by country joe mcdonald

In addition, the song features a signature chorus: Perone has speculated in his book Songs of the Vietnam Conflict that it was a "rebellious counterculture political act demonstrating free speech rights in the mids".

The album version concludes with the uttering of several light machine guns firing and a final explosion, evoking the dropping of another atomic bomb.

To stand and wonder, to wait While the wheels of fate Slowly grind my life away. There were some things that I loved one time, But the dreams are gone I thought were mine, And the hidden tears that once could fall Now burn inside at the thought of all The years of waste, the years of crime Passions of a heart so blind; To think that, but even still As I stand exposed, the feelings are felt And I cry into the echo of my loneliness.

It eventually found its way onto the Internet. This version features a solo performed by legendary guitarist Albert Lee. There were initially plans to release his version as a single, and indeed some copies were sent out to DJs, but according to Seeger, distributors refused to handle it, and it was never officially released.

Sometimes when I look into your eyes The hurt and pain I see makes me want to cry. McDonald was augmented with a Yamaha FG guitar that he found and holstered with a rope. The prisoners later reported it actually boosted their morale as they sang along.

Bring flowers and ring them round her grass hair, Bring leaves from the mountain and boxes of air, Bring baskets of food and things you can share And the moon will shine in her eyes. Into my eye comes visions of patterns Designs the image of her I see.

And even though I know that you and I Could never find the kind of love we wanted together, Alone I find myself missing you and I, you and I. She will stand in the sea with her body like sand And the dolphins will come kiss the palms of her hands; As she opens her soul to the water and land Her smiles will color the sky.

The performance was featured on the Woodstock filmwhich included sing-a-long lyrical subtitles of "The Fuck Cheer". Ina court dismissed the suit, holding that the Ory estate had waited too long to make the claim.

She will fly on the wind with her face to the sun, Children will dance all around her for fun. Drummer Gary "Chicken" Hirsh suggested that the opening chorus spell out " fuck ", which was positively received by younger listeners, and led to unexpected radio exposure of the album version on both alternative radio stations and AM radio.

So I went "Give me an F! I asked my tour manager if he thought it would be OK if I went back on and did the cheer and he said yeah. And walking on grass where we rolled and laughed in the moonlight I find myself thinking of you and I, you and I, you.

McDonald would have also been barred from ever performing the song again without the possibility of further damages.

Who am I To stand and wonder, to wait While the wheels of fate Slowly grind my life away."I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag" is a song by the American psychedelic rock band Country Joe and the Fish, written by Country Joe McDonald, and first released as the opening track on the extended play Rag Baby Talking Issue No.

1, in October (see in music). The official web home of singer/songwriter Country Joe McDonald. By Song Title. A. Acid Commercial (Joe McDonald) Agony of Hibiscus (Joe McDonald) Air Algiers (Joe McDonald) All I Need (Barry Melton) All of Me Belongs to You (Merle R.


Haggard) All My Love in Vain (Joe McDonald) America My Home (Joe McDonald). All songs by Country Joe McDonald, except where noted. Janis is the first song on side two of the original LP.

Janis is the first song on side two of the original LP. " The "Fish" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag " – Genre: Psychedelic rock.

Jan 13,  · Country Joe McDonald performs his big hit "I-feel-like-I'm-fixing- to-die-rag" (The Viet Nam song) live at Woodstock. He manages to getpeople singin. Watch the video for I Feel Like I'm Fixin to Die Rag from Country Joe McDonald's Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

A personal opinion on the song fixing to die rag by country joe mcdonald
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