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Independent working time 15 minutes Have each student choose one letter and use it to write an alliterative line.

Each sentence must pack the punch you need it to, so you can share expertise your fanbase needs or begin a dialogue that spreads your brand influence online.

Add these to the class chart. Contact Us Alliteration for Kids Examples Have you read poems and books, or heard tongue twisters wherein there are some words that have the same consonant sounds? Have alliteration examples business plans hang the alliterations in a designated location before returning to the team to tag the next person.

In literature, alliteration refers to the use of the same beginning consonant sounds in two or more adjacent words. If the shot Shott shot shot Nott, Nott was shot.

The Superpower of Alliteration

Assessment Circulate the room to asses student understanding. Before writing, students should brainstorm a list of letters for creating alliterations, write an alliteration sentence for each and sketch out a rough draft picture. Use Words for Memorable Marketing There are many ways to use words to market online, in graphics, blogs, status updates, or polls.

Jamaica is jogging joyfully around Jacksonville. For students who need a greater challenge, encourage them to write their own multi-line tongue twisters.

Lazy lizards lying like lumps! What sounds did you notice I repeated a lot?

Alliteration Examples

Hold a writing conference with each student to assist her with revising and editing her book. Play continues until everyone has successfully written one alliteration. Shouted or Silent, the Effect Remains One of the most recent studiespublished in the July issue of Psychological Science, showed that it did not matter if the words were read aloud to highlight the sounds or if they were read silently; the effect was still the same.

Alliteration for Kids Examples

Provide students with a page template or blank book for publishing their work. Today, we will begin to learn about different ways sounds can affect words in poetry. It is used for emphasis in poetry, advertising and everyday speech.

Highlight the letter P at the beginning of each word. After some discussion, write the word "alliteration" at the top of the page.Provide students with paragraphs or short stories containing examples of alliteration.

Have them identify samples, then create non-samples. Compare the two, discussing how alliteration helps make text engaging. Ask students to find other song lyrics, poems, or children's books with examples of alliteration and bring to class to share.

While alliteration in such toungue-twisters (there are also many in poems and songs) is fun — I’ve been thinking about alliteration in business and brands lately.

So, I’ve compiled a list of examples of alliteration used for commercial purposes (e.g. company names, products, real-life and fictional personalities and even fruit, sayings.

Quiz & Worksheet - Alliteration Quiz; Which consonant sound is an example of alliteration in the sentence, 'Wendy went to Walmart to win a new washing machine'?

10, rich lesson plans. It is important to require students write the poem name for each example. This allows the teacher a chance to check back and ensure students did not make up examples of alliteration.

If students finish early they may try to write their own examples of alliteration. Using Alliteration to Create a Cool Company Name. Phil Davis. the likelihood that a customer will retain and recall the business name. The more “sticky” the brand name, the greater the recall.

Additional Examples of Brand Names Using Alliteration. Club Cadet – A lawn equipment manufacturer.

Alliteration Creation

RoamRight – A travel insurance company. Jul 28,  · Year three Lesson Plans. Alliteration Creation. July 28, | By Dee Mulhern.

Lesson Plan. Alliteration Creation (3 ratings) Check to make sure students understand why their lines are examples of alliteration. Collect the students' work at the end of the lesson to check for accuracy/5(3).

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Alliteration examples business plans
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