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What are some settings where you might shift your dialect? This shows that she still feels comfortable using her vernacular dialect also. The scene above demonstrates the fact that different people have different opinions on different dialects. Attitudes About Dialects There are a variety of attitudes toward dialects that are illustrated in "American Tongues".

Stigmatized dialects are represented by some of the working-class Blacks, the Boston North End teenager, the two New Orleans women discussing how people think they are beautiful until they open their mouths, and so forth.

American Tongues

Can you see these major routes in the local dialect? Some interesting things that I learned through viewing this video those certain dialects may have words that are unordinary to that of American tongues essay own. Reasons for Dialect Differences Dialect differences come from a number of different sources, including historical settlement patterns, migratory routes, contact with other language groups, and physical and social separation.

This shows that the woman thinks that both forms of dialect are useful depending on the situation. As the United States was settled, what were some of the major trends in the movement of people? Her reply was that she uses both types of dialects during different times of her life.

Dialect Identity Not all attitudes about local dialects are negative. However, there are also some attitudes about vernacular dialects that are positive, and reinforce the local usage.

In my paper, I will argue that people should learn a standard form of English as long as they are comfortable with it. Furthermore, all communities have dialect differences of one type or another. His brother on the hand believes Phillip should speak in a standard form of English.

Others may use words that have a whole different meaning in your language to describe something new. Are there any disadvantages to speaking standard English in certain contexts?

What kinds of dialect differences do you notice in this area? Their use can promote a feeling of group solidarity, trustworthiness, and friendliness, all positive attributes. Such as a cabinet in American dialect is a place for storing things, but in New England this is what they call milkshakes.

In one scene, there is an African-American woman who is interviewed and asked whether she uses a vernacular dialect or a standard form of English in her everyday life. Dialects are an important aspect of the American heritage representing its different regional, social, and ethnic groups; they also present a dilemma for speakers because of the different values associated with their usage.

Learning a standard dialect can often cause a dilemma for a person because of a conflict between the "outside" world and the local community. Any language heard today can be traced back to the previous settlers of that surrounding area and often times over the decades have merged with other dialects forming different speech patterns.

He believes that learning a standard form of English comes in handy more than speaking a vernacular dialect. In fact, these dialects may serve some very important positive functions within a community.

There are a few scenes in the film where people share what they think about using certain dialects. But in you can see by the way she speaks to us in the interview, speaking a standard form of English at one point and a vernacular dialect at another point, is indeed very important.

What major routes of migration affected this area? The discussion questions in this booklet refer to sequences in the minute Standard Version of "American Tongues. You can see that Phillip likes speaking his vernacular dialect, because it gains him reputation and gives him the things that he wants and likes.

Furthermore, there are consequences that go along with the use of both a standard and local dialect. Just like in the first scene, he believes it will help him out more However, she also said that when she is with her family or with her friends, she talks in her vernacular dialect.

Then again she does use a vernacular dialect towards her social life. What are some other scenes in "American Tongues" that show prejudice against the speech of a particular region, class, or social group? This knowledge has given me an opportunity to see those with different dialects from my own as special, not wrong or right but a way for that person to express their unique style.

“American Tongues”

Not only has dialect changed from different places, but also it is common to see changes between different nationalities. He feels that Phillip sometimes embarrasses him in public with his speech of vernacular dialect.

In the video, two young office workers think that a receptionist with a "yat" accent is not an appropriate representative of their company. When you travel someplace outside of the region is there anything in particular people notice about your speech?

What social conditions might have gone along with the physical separation? What advantages may come from being able to shift dialects? Post-Viewing Discussion There are three major areas in the presentation that are ideal for discussion:Film american tongues essay.

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quantitative angebotsvergleich beispiel essay. American Tongues is an interesting documentary that chronicles and demonstrates the different varieties of spoken English in the United States. It portrays some of the regional, social, and ethnic differences in American speech and presents various attitudes that people have about these differences /5(11).

American Tongues movie you need to watch a American Tongues movie and you can the movie divided into many small parts and the YouTube channel link [ ] Call me +44 96 In this film entitled "American Tongues", the basic message the viewer gets, is that many people have different dialects and that different people have different views about the people who speak them.

American Tongues essaysThe video American Tongues is an illustration of the aspects of geographical linguistics within the United States, mainly dealing with dialects. A dialect is a regional variation of a particular language, and in this case the language is American English.

Variations of Engli. “American Tongues” Individual dialects cover all across the world there differences can be heard from one country to next or even at some points throughout the .

American tongues essay
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