An analysis of the sports and the life of james naismith

Under orders from Dr. Jim used to lead boys across the fields and through the woods to favorite swimming spots in the Indian and Mississippi Rivers where they frolicked, swam and balanced on floating logs.

History of Basketball & Dr. Naismith

Louis nor that the team was With summer came swimming. He took American citizenship in As the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame reports, Naismith was also neither interested in self-promotion nor in the glory of competitive sports.

This game would prove useful to James in his creation of the game of basketball. To play duck on a rock most effectively, Naismith soon found that a soft lobbing shot was far more effective than a straight hard throw, a thought that later proved essential for the invention of basketball.

He was also a member of the Society choir. The walk from the farm to school was five miles. The players developed a lobbed arcing shot that proved to be more controllable, more accurate, and less likely to bounce away, thus increasing their chance of retrieval. Since the ball could only be moved up the court via a pass early players tossed the ball over their heads as they ran up court.

The referee shall be the judge of the ball and decide when it is in play in bounds, to which side it belongs, and shall keep the time. They contained letters, notebooks, observations, journals, and other memorabilia that James Naismith had compiled for most of his life and not shared before.

If trouble arose, he was depended upon to take care of it himself. The class did not show much enthusiasm but followed my lead In the fields, creeks and rivers beyond the blacksmith shop Jim and his friends found more space to play.

Jim was advised to leave the evils of the athletic life and devote himself to books and Christian duties. Naismith christened this new game "Basket Ball" [7] and put his thoughts together in 13 basic rules.

Here James received his grade school education. He remained there from until his retirement in He continued his involvement with sports.

Because his physical education class at that time was composed of 18 men, basketball originally was played by 9 on each side eventually reduced to did not do a lot of historical research to contextualize Naismith’s life. Still, the book reads well, has useful information, and is a nice addition to the history of basketball.

James Naismith Essay Examples. 12 total results. An Analysis of the Sports and the Life of James Naismith. 1, words. 3 pages. The Evolution of the Game of Baseball Since 2, words.

5 pages. A History of Basketball, a Game Invented by James Naismith. words. 1 page. James Naismith’s ancestors were among the multitudes of Scottish immigrants to settle in Lanark County, Ontario, near the junction of the Mississippi and Indian Rivers.

James Naismith

James’ grandparents, Robert and Annie Young, arrived in Canada in Because of that and because of the much more in-depth research that went into it, the Naismith biography by Bernice Larson Webb (The Basketball Man, James Naismith, University of Kansas Press, ), remains the book.

Dec 16,  · A short radio interview on a New York station in may be the only existing recording of Naismith. It surfaced only during research for a book about the influence of religion on his life.

Who Is James Naismith, the Inventor of Basketball? Born on November 6, in Almonte, Ontario, Canada, James Naismith was a Canadian and American sports coach and innovator.

Dr. James Naismith’s Life

He invented the game Born: Nov 06,

An analysis of the sports and the life of james naismith
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