Argumentative essay on ritalin

Despite the influx of new medications it has not solved the problem. Since Ritalin is a Methylphetamine closely related to the amphetamine family, such as cocaineit has a high rate of abuse.

This discussion is centered around the fact that ADHD is a result of natural human evolution. Canadians are having trouble with it too. Symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity disruptive behavior and impulsivity.

School psychologists are even prescribing the drug before giving an evaluation because there are so many referrals and a lack of school psychologists 1: Correct diagnosis would occur if doctors would take the time to provide a Argumentative essay on ritalin examination of the patient.

Because the children display these tendencies, academic difficulties arise. But before being put on such a Argumentative essay on ritalin drug, parents and students should try using other alternatives before using Ritalin.

And in most cases Ritalin has shown proven results. ADHD is a relatively new disorder. They take a pill either orally, or by crushing it and snorting-much like cocaine, or they emulsify it in water and inject it like heroine and cram for an exam.

Stimulants are the most commonly prescribed medication. They are thought not to be very productive or intelligent. Recent studies have shown, even children with high I. It seems our schools are flooded with individuals who adhere to a strict medication regiment to counter the behavior.

Ritalin, like many other drugs, has several side effects-some of which are severe. Rather than taking Ritalin, a change in diet can have a big impact on ones attention.

Ritalin only treats the symptoms of AD H D, not the disorder itself. It was introduced inwhere it was labeled ADD attention deficit disorder.

By understanding the need to diagnose this disorder correctly, without prejudice. Why ADHD does not have a known cure yet. Ritalin, Concerta, Medadate CD, etc. It is suggested, then, that adolescent self-medication is not…… [Read More] references for alcohol and cigarettes. He has an imagination that puts others to shame, but nothing seems to hold his attention for more than five minutes.

This test is conducted in conjunction with The World Health Organization. Nonetheless, these studies have not yet been proven to be the cause for the disorder. ADD is not treated with Ritalin; antidepressants are more commonly used.

Is Ritalin Over Prescribed? (argumentative Essay)

Studies show this is an accurate and effective way to gage ADHD diagnoses. That it is a type of adaptive behavior. Many times, it has been shown, that psychiatrists who often diagnose for ADHD in children, are disdiagnosing disorders similar to ADHD such as learning disabilities, depression or anxiety disorders; disorders that do not neccessitate Ritalin as a therapy.

We as a society set boundaries on ourselves.Free Essay: Ritalin: A Miracle Drug, or Another Cocaine? If the term “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”(ADHD) is mentioned, the first thing that.

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Such is often the case with ADHD. Psychostimulants, such as Ritalin and Adderall, Argumentative Essay Writing Service; Article Review Writing Service.

Free ritalin papers, essays, Argumentative Ritalin Prescription - Topical Essay Psychostimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin are being used at an.

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Essay: Is Ritalin over Prescribed? (Argumentative essay)

An Argument Against Ritalin as the Answer to Is Ritalin the Best Treatment for.

Argumentative essay on ritalin
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