Autobiography of a notebook computer

Now I am an all-in-one scribble book. Guitar had finally left his corner to look at me. Along with Diya, almost all the family members started using me for different purposes.

My brain has a gift of 4GB Ram. Seven long years have gone by. The reason being that the doctor started treating him for a kidney problem the first time he went there.

Everyone in the family abuses me without mercy. But something was not going to be right further; I was totally reduced to pieces. He takes special care and uses tissue paper to wipe my face very gently whenever we sit together.

The users get annoyed when I stop working. Every moment I expect my friend Diya to spend sometime with me, but she does not even look at me.

Most of them are torn out, especially the last ones, which lie in tatters.

Can you believe that? Now the real part, as you know I was not always like this; only being handled by this world of men, I was a part of this wonderful nature.

But gradually she learnt every bit of it.

He trusts me enough to share his secrets and show all his emotions to me. I was happy to see the smiling faces surrounding me. The customer called his daughter Diya and handed me over to her.

Autobiography of A Computer

He had actually gone to consult him about an infected wound! My beautiful white pages and clean green cover are now covered in blue and black ink if not other colours.

We all were eagerly waiting for our new and permanent shelter. I can read, write, sing and also babysit. I heard gunshots fired in the air.

The fact that I am going to get a permanent shelter made me very happy. Truly, the Pioneer company has given me a new live in.

Since then, Diya and myself were best of friends. Diya was absolutely thrilled and I received a grand welcome at my new home. I am a lucky and famous exercise book with pages in me! I still bear some horrible scars. Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day! In the beginning, Diya was not very well conversant with me, but I knew that she loved me a lot for she was very caring towards me and possessive about me.

My pages are running out. Each wore a black mask covering their head whenever they came to check on me. He takes care of me and brought me an amazingly comfortable new bag which has a sleek leather belt.

When I was gifted to Diya, she was a student studying in the ninth standard. Diya fails to understand that how painful it is for me to suffer from harsh virus attacks. Everyone was praying for me to come out of coma.

Then finally, the lady of luck shined upon my eyes. I also continued performing to the best of my capability as I did not want to disappoint anyone. But X stopped consulting the doctor at the clinic ages ago.

Then also I kept calm.Autobiography of A Computer: Hello friends! I am a computer or in your words a Desktop. Today I’m going to share a story with all of story of my life. Autobiography of a Notebook Hello Everybody! My name is 'Pioneer Long Note Book'. I am a lucky and famous exercise book with pages in me!

Imagine yourself with organs!! Now the real part, as you know I was not always like this; only being handled by this world of men, I was a part of this wonderful nature. I was a beautiful and tall Fir. Autobiography Of Computer and can be used away from an outlet using a rechargeable battery.

Laptops are also sometimes called notebook.

Autobiography of an Unknown Notebook

Feb 03,  · An Autobiography of a Laptop. Hello! My name is Vaio. I am proud to say that I come from a very distinguished family with American genes. The news of a tiny micro-soft chip found in computer laptops was broadcast all over the world.

I was the lucky one to have been blessed with two of those chips! Can you believe that? I don’t. Autobiography of an Unknown Notebook Share On; JUST IN 1min Team India showed character and resilience: Constantine ; I’m kept on the computer table in X’s house.

Everyone in the family. Autobiography Of A Notebook. Chegg, Desktop computer, High school Words | 2 Pages.

Open Document. Sociological Autobiography Nicole Fischhoff Page 1 11/19/13 Sociology MWF p.m. Sociological Autobiography Sociology is study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. It has a lot to do with .

Autobiography of a notebook computer
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