Comparison contrast essay block method

To do a Venn diagram, draw two big circles that overlap in the middle. You might be asked to compare positions on an issue e. In the point-by-point method, each paragraph gives a point or idea and its similarities and contrasts.

In the first body paragraph, describe the similarities of the subject. Identify the two things being compared and contrasted. See the examples below. Finally, use of both drugs can lead to addiction. In the middle, the place of overlap, write the similar features of sides A and B.

Comparison and Contrast Essay: The list you have Comparison contrast essay block method is not yet your outline for the essay, but it should provide you with enough similarities and differences to construct an initial plan.

Mention the purpose for making the comparison and contrast. Then, the writer provides body paragraphs detailing the similarities and another body paragraphs explaining the differences.

The writer provides an introduction stating the comparisons, the contrasts and the thesis statement. Also, crack and cocaine bring about physiological and psychological damage, depending on pre-existing conditions and the extent of drug use.

Brainstorming If you are planning to write an essay in the block format, you must first brainstorm for ideas. Crack and cocaine have three similar effects on the human body. These items will differ depending on the assignment. However, cocaine and crack differ in form, content of pure cocaine and method of entry into the body.

They affect the body in similar ways. While they may appear similar at first glance, in fact they have three major differences. You never want to jump from point to point. First, although crack and cocaine are derived from the coca plant, they differ in form.

Another way to transition is by linking ideas.

Block Method Essay

They threaten communities all over the world because of how affect the organs of the body and their functions. A comparative essay asks that you compare at least two possibly more items.

One subject or idea is described in a step-by-step manner in the first body paragraph. For example, crack is smoked in a pipe or cigarette. In the first paragraph, discuss the similarities.

The Comparative Essay

Crack has the form of flakes whereas cocaine is found in the form of powder, which can be dissolved. Another, more organized, brainstorming method is arranging ideas into clusters.

Conclusion Rephrase the similarities and differences that you had discussed in the body paragraphs. To do the block method, first write an introduction.

Following the body paragraphs is a conclusion that paraphrases the essay and the thesis statement. While brainstorming, do not censor yourself. Block Method Student Essay Fighting the Battle against Drugs The use of drugs has increased in recent years, according to numerous articles in medical journals.

A more complex thesis will usually include both similarities and differences. Here are examples of the two main cases:The compare and contrast essay may be organized in several ways: using a block method and point-by-point method. However, this type of essay has its own features: A comparison essay mentions similarities or similarities and differences.

What is a comparative essay? A comparative essay asks that you compare at least two (possibly more) items. in other words, you will compare and contrast.

Make sure you know the basis for comparison then all of B. For example, a comparative essay using the block method on the French and Russian revolutions would address the French. One of the most common is the comparison/contrast essay, in which you focus on the ways in which certain things or ideas—usually two of them—are similar to (this is the comparison) and/or different from (this is the contrast) one another.

Nov 15,  · In this video, we will discuss the structure and organization of a comparison/contrast essay. Students will learn the different styles of comparing and contrasting, and after the video, will be. In the block method, there is a stark contrast between the first half of the essay and the second half of the essay.

They speak about two entirely different concepts. There are two ways to organize a comparison/contrast essay. A) Block Approach. This organizational pattern is most effective when used on short essays, such as in-class essays. The body of such an essay is organized by discussing one subject, point.

Comparison contrast essay block method
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