Dangerous sports

But do they have a point?

Most Dangerous Sports

Most of my team is single. So why is this violent sport still so popular? It is not a good idea. Riders who know what they are doing make it look easy, but they are trying so hard.

Plus, you guys get almost 6 months to practice those same Dangerous sports minutes and 30 seconds. Hockey is just lax with more pads, Horseback riding is pretty dangerous for extremes only though ie trampling and football But so is every comment on it.

I find it funny that all of you football players are saying things like "Are you kidding me!


Trainsurfing is basically what it sounds like - participants climb onto the tops of moving trains and hang ten. Sure gymnastics is hard. The blood made a puddle on the grass. There wereof those, more than any other sport. We work as a team because we have to put our lives at risk with each other.

Have you ever ridden a horse? Seriously, why is cheerleading ahead of snowboarding and gymnastics? A lot of damage to the knees particularly the cartilage and ligaments. With only a few layers of Kevlar and a helmet for protection. Imagine getting hit my of those!

My guy friend tried telling me today that cheerleading is not a sport.Aug 07,  · Defining the world's most dangerous sport remains a tricky subject, mainly due to limited data: Unsurprisingly, organizers and participants are loath to publicize deaths.

(Existing information. No list of dangerous sports would be complete without including football. Hard to believe but a century ago, the sport was even more brutal than it is now.

Broken bones, comas, paralysis, and even death are all potential outcomes of playing some of the world’s most dangerous sports. Here at PledgeSports, we’ve helped athletes and teams all over the world from almost every sport known to man raise money through crowdfunding.

We thought we’d spice. Incredibly Dangerous Sports. From Rafting to BASE jumping, here are 10 of the strangest, most dangerous extreme sports being played around the globe. Submit & Win. DANGEROUS SPORTS AWARDS We're celebrating Amazing people like you every day.

WIN £ Amazon Gift Card if your video is chosen for an Award. As a result, the Big 3 of American sports — football, basketball, baseball — are all highly ranked on Safe Kids Worldwide‘s list of the most dangerous youth sports in terms of total injuries.

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Dangerous sports
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