Dissertations on educational leadership

And as such, this can be a very interesting field of study for those looking to be an educator. The mystique of being a Jackrabbit and a rich history of academic and athletic excellence merited studying the unique environment of Long Beach Poly High School.

How a specific character flaw affects leadership skills in a particular school or town.

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Based on these findings, implications for field internship and professional practice were identified and recommendations were made to assist undergraduate and graduate programs to recognize what is potentially the new norm in social work education settings and to promote a dialog regarding how students are educated and socialized into the social work profession.

And one of them is becoming a good leader. With multiple opportunities for tutorials and additional assistance, student-athletes delay gratification. Information about our writers Educational Leadership Dissertation Topics Education is one of the most fun and fulfilling courses anywhere.

The effective assessment of student learning outcomes provides a mechanism for faculty to analyze, discuss and use data to improve instruction. Linked Learning is built upon the engaging elements found in the hands-on learning experiences that career and technical education programs offer.

Lastly, many participants expressed that a return to the community college was needed in order to fulfill a desire for a better life; fulfilling an original unaccomplished goal educational and professional or a new goal that was decided upon while away from the community college.

Educational policymakers will learn from this study how teachers can benefit from Lesson Study as a type of professional development and how it can support teachers as they integrate new ideas into classroom practice. A multi-case study methodology design was used to implement this research study.

Further recommendations for policy, practice, and research are presented and discussed. Three methods of data collection were utilized: Qualitative and quantitative measures were utilized during this mixed-methods study.

Through Lesson Study teachers can begin to move away from a teacher-centered classroom to one that focuses on a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. However, this research did reveal limited but promising evidence that students with disabilities participating in Linked Learning scored "unconditionally ready" on the English Early Assessment Program EAP examination at a higher rate than students with disabilities not participating in Linked Learning.

Students with disabilities also have lower employment rates, lower average hourly wages, and higher unemployment rates U. Principals are also not always supported in their development as an instructional leader. Recommendations for this study include key partnerships among educational institutions geared toward major and career awareness, the importance of greater collaboration between the community college and partners in industry, and the role of work-study for nontraditional student retention.

I also interviewed their teachers and parents to find out what they believed had worked so well for these successful boys. STEM professions are highly paid and prestigious; those members of society who hold these positions enjoy a secure financial and societal place.

Linked Learning Pathways expose students to the full range of postsecondary opportunities, including two-and four-year colleges, certification programs, apprenticeships, and immediate entry into the workplace. This study focused on examining students with disabilities in Linked Learning Pathways to see if participating in an academic sequence combined with career technical education leads to better college preparedness.

Approximately math students were surveyed; there were respondents. Being able to communicate with your equals and subordinates is one very important aspect of leadership. Led by an ethnographic interview qualitative methodology, data was collected via 15 semi-structured interviews of individuals who met the necessary criteria for this study Findings from this study suggest that Latino male students may not be informed or knowledgeable about higher education nor possess the necessary navigational capital to excel at the community college.

Literature pertaining to Lesson Study reveals the importance of sustained professional development that allows teachers to meet regularly over a period of time to work on the design, implementation, testing, and improvement of one or several lessons.

The study participants included 7 elementary teachers, 1 principal, and 1 district administrator from a small urban school district participating in a grant with California State University, Long Beach and the University of Chicago.

Abstract From the early days of academia, classroom incivility has been acknowledged as counterproductive to the social contract of an educational environment; however, due to the subjectivity of what constitutes uncivil behavior, classroom incivility continues to be open to interpretation.Master's theses and doctoral dissertations from the University of Kentucky Department of Educational Leadership Studies are available here.

Dissertations [faq collapsed] Portraits of the High School Principal: Perspectives on Instructional Leadership Margo M. Adkins California State University, Long Beach Specialization: Elementary/Secondary Education Chair: Symcox, Linda Abstract. Browse Theses, Dissertations, or other Student Work By Discipline - EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP Select the discipline you would like to browse.

OTHER, OTHER, Accounting, Adult Education, American History, American Indian Studies, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Educational Leadership, ECU. The dissertations found on this page link to the complete text.

All relate to the subject of Education within the context of Administration and Leadership. rows · Dissertation Titles; Click on the links to view the title page and abstract for each dissertation.

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Full dissertations can be viewed at NC Docks for dissertations published and after. Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Reich College of Education, Suite ASU Box College Street.

Leadership and Decision-Making Skills of High Poverty Elementary School Principals in an Era of Reduced Resources, Kevin Eugene Spooner (Dissertation) Theses/Dissertations from PDF.

Dissertations on educational leadership
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