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This business is founded by five partners. Our marketing departmentalso plays a huge role to ensure that new idea will be generate to attract morecustomers.

In ensuring our aim to gain profit in this market,our business had to focus on the effort of marketing to identify the group of customer,peoples who love to decorate their houses and we also provide the service based on thepeople demand especially during festivals and the events.

Ourfocus is to make customers satisfaction rather than to get higher profit for a long time inthe market. They are many purposes of business plan as below: Having a big capital couldhelp ent300 business plan pdf to grow the business bigger in minutes.

Wesee them as healthy competitors are foreign business; they hold quite big capital tomanage the business unlike the Bumiputera entrepreneur.


So we provide aservice where customers just walk in to our store, tell us about the concept that theywant, then we will choose the rights design of curtains that suit with their housedecoration concept.

To be success eachpartner has their own part and responsibilities. Plastic hanger is more flexible and easy to handle. Estimation of market size required information regarding the particular market thebusiness intends to enter. This is our address and map for our location: This will differentiate our product with existing product.

These essential steps are significant element that most start-ups fail torecognize. Our business will always go on even though there are manyfactors of challenges in carrying this business. Lavadora had to set up a few strategies to make sure the customers are satisfied with the product. The method used to collect information is by doing research and survey to market.

Lavadora is to satisfy thecustomer by providing a different way of washing machine. It means that someone hastaken the time to explain about their plans and intention of the business for its futuresuccess.

Since our company is listed as a new company in the market, it is clear that thereare many aspects that we need to consider so that our company is able to compete inthe market as there are many people that involve in business nowadays. Objectives Mission statement, Motto or a Tagline.

Not for the small budget. Our business focused on important factors to popularize our products byselecting a strategic location, business conception and promotion.

So, the delivery of the product from factory to the distributors will not take a longer time. Using the systematic ways such as makes survey about a product and theenvironment of the business area, can make the business run smoothly and achieve thetarget.

Providing information about product features and reducing consumer resistance to buying the product 3. It was so, by relatingthese to each other our business will grow faster through the marketing plan. Atiqah Nabila Binti AzmanIdentity card number: With Portable Washers you can hook it up to just about any valve in order to wash your clothes or just fill the machine up with water.


As we can say that market size can be defined as thetotal market purchase that comes from target market. In order from this history, we hope our company will be well-known by others in the future.

It is important for our company in order to make the proper marketing strategy andit will becoming more easy to manage and run our business since we have known thecustomer demands and also to make sure our effort in marketing and distributing hadbeen successfully satisfy the customer.

As we can see from thetable below, the business is lower in the first month.

Business Plan for Laundry Business & Dry Cleaning Services

Moreover, we would like to express our gratitude to our beloved lecturer for thissubject Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship ENTMadam Noraishah btKamarulzaman for her kindness and her time spent for us. Marketing is important to be implemented in any organization. We innovating the existing product that only have custom made made in order.

Since we are qualified with skills and creativity, we provide the customer withsimple but elegant design that can catch the eye of person who looks at it. The segmentation of our target market isactually: Thank you for givingopinions, ideas and information needed by this project.

Management of company function by planning, organization,leading and controlling all the resources available.Future prospects of the business: This business has good future prospects. It is because it has highly demand because we are producing new and unique products and it is different from others products.

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It is the most crucial aspect of the business plan and involve the calculation of the total project cost, the choices of financial source and the preparation of financial projection in term of pro forma statement which include the.

The purpose for the business plan is to ensure our business is greatly established in civil industry. The plumbing services that we provide will help the household family to solve their.

LAVADORADiploma in Accountancy, 25 AUGUST MARA University of Technology,Johore branch, Segamat Campus, Segamat,Johor Darul mint-body.com Nadzira Binti YahayaLecturer of ENT ,MARA University of Technology,Segamat Campus, Segamat,Johor Darul mint-body.com,SUBMISSION OF BUSINESS PLAN PROPOSAL (ENT ).Referring to the subject .

Ent300 business plan pdf
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