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As wars and military expansion Essay questions ottoman empire the only source of wealth for the Empire for many years, rulers started to demand more taxes from merchants and entrepreneurs in order not to feel the lack of means for luxury life of authorities.

Muslims had always been world traders, and after that, other countries were sailing other ways leaving Muslims without profits. As in the past the late Ottoman Empire mainly specialized in agriculture and even started to raise the prices and increased its export to Europe.

For the previous two centuries, Russia was slowly, but constantly annexing Muslim states in Central Asia. The year of was the one of starting great rebellions. Women are also actively participating in the land acquisition.

Ottoman society was very much concerned with its traditions, and Muslim scholars were remaining conservative, as they were sure that the Empire will keep the superiority, as said in Koran.

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In the Ottoman Empire officially came to an end and the Turkey was declared a republic. The architecture of the Ottoman Empire was influenced by the Arab world and also European traditions.

When France and Britain joined the war on the side of Ottomans, the war became European. Even though many European countries were in some way contributing to the weakness of Ottomans, Russia was the most successful force.

By the 16th century, cartographers of the Ottoman Empire made great development in map-making. Russia also had taken many Ottoman territories as the compensation for the war. Power of Ottoman came to its logical end.

By the 16th century, the lands under Ottoman rule stretched from central Europe to the deserts of the Arabia. In comparison to the Ottoman Empire nowadays the Middle East possesses one of the most powerful and equipped armies in the world.

This became the breaking point for the Empire and gradually it started to lose its power.

But primarily it had important consequences for the Ottoman Empire, as it realized itself being tightly controlled by European powers. All online essay examples are plagiarized.

It is essential to mention that in the beginning of the 16th century Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest world empires, was ruled by the sultan, who was also commanding the military.

They had new advancements in science, technology and got into new ideas brought in from other places. The contemporary Middle East is very disorganized but the main reason for this disorganization is the interference of other countries that should not be there.

The Ottoman Empire enforced the practice of Islam and an extra tax was paid to be a non-Muslim in return for tolerance of religious practice and protection of the Islam state. Women, in spite of the European stereotypes, are very active and have won a large number of Court cases against men.

During that period, mathematicians emerge and the Piri Reis map was discovered in in Topkapi Palace, Istanbul. Italian side was very much afraid that France could attack the Ottoman Empire, and as a result attacked first.

Russians were very interested in obtaining Ottoman territories of Moldavia and Walachia, but still they needed the significant reason for breaking up the war.The Rise and Fall of The Ottoman Empire. Print Reference this.

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Part of All Answers Ltd. Ottoman Empire and Middle Class Essay Victoria Kraj Relationship of Britain and India AP World February 27, During the age of European exploration, Europeans were trying to find direct trade routes to India for their silk, spices, and other goods.

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The History of the Ottoman Empire Essay Words | 10 Pages we mostly encounter and hear about the history of the Ottoman Empire and .

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