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Brando had first attracted media attention at the age of 24, when "Life" magazine ran a photo of himself and his sister Jocelyn, who were both then appearing on Broadway. He could have taken his audience on a trip to the stars, but he simply would not. Contrary to those who claimed he now only was in it for the money, Brando donated his entire seven-figure salary to an anti-apartheid charity.

As Rod Steiger once said, Brando had it all, great stardom and a great talent. When he eventually entered the scene, crying, the effect was electric. The studio bosses, seeking to replicate such blockbuster hits as the remakes of The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hurwere the real culprits behind the losses generated by large-budgeted films that found it impossible to recoup their costs despite long lines at the box office.

The filming was an unpleasant experience for Brando, as well as another critical and box office failure. It was not a black-and-white world, Brando felt, but a gray world in which once-decent people could do horrible things.

He would give no more of himself after giving everything as he had done in Last Tango in Paris ," a performance that embarrassed him, according to his autobiography. The long shoot became so notorious that President John F.

Kennedy asked director Billy Wilder at a cocktail party not "when" but "if" the "Bounty" shoot would ever be over. The industry had grown tired of Brando and his idiosyncrasies, though he continued to be offered prestige projects up through It is an axiom of the cinema that a performance, as is a film, is "created" in the cutting room, thus further removing the actor from control over his art.

He portrayed Tomas de Torquemada in the historical drama - Die Eroberung des Paradiesesbut his performance was denounced and the film was another box office failure. However, Brando was highly intelligent, and possessed of a rare genius in a then-deprecated art, acting.

Brando had come as close to any actor to being the "auteur," or author, of a film, as the English-language scenes of "Tango" were created by encouraging Brando to improvise.

Brando eclipsed the reputation of other great actors circasuch as Paul Muni and Fredric March. A young Pauline Kaelarriving late to the play, had to avert her eyes when Brando made this entrance as she believed the young actor on stage was having a real-life conniption. However, noting a story that Brando had once refused a role in the early s with the excuse "How can I act when people are starving in India?

Kazan felt that Brando was never a Method actor, that he had been highly trained by Adler and did not rely on gut instincts for his performances, as was commonly believed. Stanley Kubrick had been hired to direct the film, but after months of script rewrites in which Brando participated, Kubrick and Brando had a falling out and Kubrick was sacked.

The curiosity continued, and snowballed. Kazan, after a life in film and the theater, said that, aside from Orson Welleswhose greatness lay in film making, he only met one actor who was a genius: Paramount took it away from him and tacked on a re-shot ending that Brando was dissatisfied with, as it made the Oedipal figure of Dad Longworth into a villain.

Seeking scapegoats, the Hollywood press conveniently ignored the financial pressures on the studios. Hollywood was a matter of "they" and not the work, and Brando became disgusted. Acting was the only thing he was good at, for which he received praise, so he was determined to make it his career - a high-school dropout, he had nothing else to fall back on, having been rejected by the military due to a knee injury he incurred playing football at Shattuck Military Academy, Brando Sr.

He subsequently appeared in the British film The Nightcomersa prequel to "Turn of the Screw" and another critical and box office failure. AfterBrando would not work for three years. For his part, Brando believed that the audience sided with his Stanley because Jessica Tandy was too shrill.

The film, a searing indictment of racism and colonialism, flopped at the box office but won the esteem of progressive critics and cultural arbiters such as Howard Zinn.

Years later though, he did receive an eighth and final Oscar nomination for his supporting role in A Dry White Season after coming out of a near-decade-long retirement. The young director believed there was only one actor who could play godfather to the group of Young Turk actors he had assembled for his film, The Godfather of method acting himself - Marlon Brando.

Ironically, it was Garfield whom producer Irene Mayer Selznick had chosen to play the lead in a new Tennessee Williams play she was about to produce, but negotiations broke down when Garfield demanded an ownership stake in "A Streetcar Named Desire.Find industry contacts & talent representation.

Access in-development titles not available on IMDb. Get the latest news from leading industry trades. Marlon Brando is widely considered the greatest movie actor of all time, rivaled only by the more theatrically oriented Laurence Olivier in terms of.

How do you write a review on imdb american
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