How to write a fantasy novel series

How people express themselves conveys something about their nature. But each novel reads more like a standalone piece, and the three do not necessarily need to be read in order. Go into this with the understanding that editing and revision will be a regular part of the process.

Of course the princess or elf is graceful or chaste.

5 Tips for Creating a Must-Read Fiction Series

Jean-Marie Grange via Unsplash Step 2: This could be keeping continuity between between books in a series or making a fictional world believable. Avoid the pitfalls of muddled fantasy book writing and plan ahead Writing a realist novel set in a familiar city is a challenge itself.

Patricia is the author of the Hannaria seriesa five book science-fiction series. Write down everything you already know about them, from their appearance to their key personality traits to their family history.

The better you plan in your early stages, the easier the following steps will be. This will allow you to head them off early and save yourself the hassle of revising or rewriting later. Tolkien based his own work on his study of northern European sagas and linguistics.

If readers are to stay with you for multiple books, you must create a setting rich enough to immerse them and complex enough to sustain their interest. Will their desires change? Cosmic Timetraveler via Unsplash Step 4: The reek of them hung stifling in the still air. Brigitte Tohm via Unsplash Step 3: This human origin allows Lewis to weave in human error and oversight.

Your characters must undergo significant changes throughout the story. You can get everything else right from a technical standpoint, but if your characters are flat your reader will lose interest and not care what happens to them. How much you love writing How much you love your story How badly you want to achieve the goal of creating a series.

To wrap your mind around the overarching structure, ask yourself the following questions. One of the other strong influences on modern commercial fantasy fiction was the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Try to use action wherever possible to advance the plot and keep lengthy conversations as breathers between sections where there is greater tension.

Aaron Burden via Unsplash What and where are the climaxes? Far away, now almost due south, the mountain-walls of Mordor loomed, like a black bar of rugged clouds floating above a dangerous fog-bound sea. Create a framework to base your world on all the same, so that you can keep track of the different backgrounds and characteristics of the people and places in your high fantasy novel.

Fantasy book writing: 7 tips for captivating high fantasy

It also helps to have friends and beta readers give you feedback during the process. Know your genre An important part of writing in any genre is knowing a little about its history.

Ultimate Guide: How To Write A Series

Before you launch into writing your spec-fic series, you need to lay some groundwork for your world-building. Mythical creatures such as dragons and centaurs are well-represented by now, for example.

With this in mind, you must put some serious effort into considering your characters before you start writing. Approach editing from a creative angle as opposed to treating it like a chore.A fantasy series tends to sell much better than a single fantasy novel.

If you're writing in another genre, such as literary or commercial fiction, a standalone novel is probably your best bet. There are a few exceptions to this rule, of course: literary series such as Cormac McCarthy 's Border Trilogy or Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels.

The following are my top five tips for creating a must-read fiction series.

How to write fantasy series: Do’s and Don’ts

1. The better you plan in your early stages, the easier the following steps will be. I found this out when I first attempted writing novels. Because of poor planning, I would get stuck at around 12, words where the plot would dead-end.

Writing a fantasy novel is great fun – you can, literally, let your imagination run wild. It’ a little different to writing a novel set in the real world as, unlike books set in reality where you can use real life as examples, you’ll have to invent everything in your new fantasy.

Fantasy Writing Tips. Want to learn how to write a fantasy novel? Looking for fantasy writing tips? I'm an author of fantasy and science fiction novels. Here are my creative writing tips for new writers. Download three free fantasy & science fiction novels. May 01,  · How to Write a High Fantasy Series.

High fantasy is one of the most popular fantasy genres. Some books that fall in this category are the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Wheel of Time, The Inheritance Cycle, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Dragonlance%(36).

If your fantasy series features traditional creatures likes elves and trolls and wizards, you are going to have to do something very original with it: Don’t reproduce fantasy series tropes without your own stamp. When writing a fantasy series, it’s easy to fall into well-known cliches.

A band of travelers meet in a tavern.

How to write a fantasy novel series
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