How to write an nvq witness statement

Your manager or supervisor The individuals you work with Your tutors or trainers. Literally, he or she is a person who testifies at a court hearing. Candidate A checks for any hazards present and ensures she removes them. Sometimes when the hazard is beyond what she can remove she reports to the manager.

For the witness statement for unitI would include a copy of the Test schedule for the circuits you tested and get then to sign that this test schedule was produced by use and that these were the results you obtained, make sure all the information on the test sheet in accurate, hope this helps you.

Anyone who writes out a witness testimony must sign the Witness Status List and then your assessor will judge the evidence provided.

Yesterday Candidate A and I had to transfer a resident from the wheelchair unto the toilet so that he could use the toilet.

Secondly, what is a testimony? Candidate A assesses the environment for the move, sometimes we could be in the bedroom, toilet, and bathroom or in the lounge. On many occasions we have moved residents from either their bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to the commode and so on using the hoist of which candidate A is competent at using various kinds.

Firstly, who is a witness? I, Matt have done all necissary inspecting and required testing on all newly installed circuits as detailed on job spec Tests completed were, Continuity of C. Would these be accepted by the assesor or would i need to write more??

Personelly witeness statement should state that the person observe you performing the task and that what they observed was you work, that it was commpleted to a satifactory standard and safely. This is evidence obtained from a witness who has made a statement or declaration of fact.

M Date of Testimony: Do I need to use some forms? You can get a witness testimony from: The service user gave his consent and Candidate A got the sling put it in the correct way and ensured we worked together as a team deciding in between us both what to do next with Candidate A giving very clear instructions to make sure that the resident was handled carefully in order to avoid him being uncomfortable during the move.

I have witnessed her move and handle residents in our workplace according to organisational and legal requirements learnt from our moving and handling training which I attended with Candidate A and this is done annually. The only problem is im not sure on what to write on the statements, Ive thought of a few things im just wondering if all you wonderful people could let me know what to put down.

I, Matt have collected all Information of installed materials to hand over to the appropriate supervisors and foreman ready to be handed to customer at end of the job. Where do I get this from? For example one day one of the residents wanted to go outdoors in the wheel chair but his electric wheel chair was faulty.

I have witnessed Candidate A wash her hands and wear a pair of gloves when carrying out a moving and positioning task.

How Do You Write a Witness Statement?

I witnessed Candidate A explain to the resident how she and I were going to use the hoist to transfer him from the wheel chair unto the commode chair and then wheeled the commode chair over the toilet. Yours might be how you handled a disclosure of abuse from a service user and the words in your form would be different.

You need someone who can testify in writing to say what they know about you, what they have seen you do or describe an activity you have carried out which should relate to your job description and also to the performance criteria of the units within your NVQ.

Are you wondering… What is this all about? Well in this case we are certainly not in a court of Law but in a work setting you need to locate someone who testifies in writing about you with regards to your work.

As a witness they will be asked to answer some questions regarding their knowledge of a case in court. See an example; this is a witness testimony from a colleague at work. Who can I ask to write one for me? What is a Witness Testimony?

After the resident was seated comfortably, I witnessed Candidate A record and update the care records she made a good record of the activity carried out and dated and signed what time it was done.

What is a Witness Testimony?

Go here for further help on witness testimony. As a witness, the person may have seen an accident, witnessed a crime, or be asked to describe the character of someone they know. Firstly on the i was thinking:Jan 05,  · I am doing an NVQ in Business Admin and need to do a personal statement, which tense do i write it in?

And also how do i do a witness testimony?Status: Resolved. Below is an essay on "Witness Testimony Nvq" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Date 22/03/12 Candidate: Donna Witness testimony by Anna I have worked and observed Donna when she has assisted a lady in /5(1). NVQ witness testimony example - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.5/5(1).

Witness Testimony by Telephone or Letter. What to do if your witness can't appear in person. Witness Testimony by Telephone. If you present the written statement of a witness, make sure the witness includes the following facts in his or her letter.

The best Witness Testimony is where the witness provides a statement in their own words which relates closely to the standards. The following are some examples of witness testimony of varying quality.

Sep 14,  · Discuss NVQ 3 Witness Statements in the Electrical Courses & Electrical NVQ's area at Tags: I've been told i need to write a sentance or 2 on the top of each statement before getting them signed by my WBR and Gaffer.

The only problem is im not sure on what to write on the statements, Ive thought of a few things im.

How to write an nvq witness statement
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