Investigating a factor affecting the voltage output of a transformer essay

The energy stored in a seed is measured in joules 1 Joule is 2. By looking at my results graph it is possible to see that V1 is certainly not always directly proportional to V2, as the graph curves instead of being straight.

This is because as the primary voltage is increased, so the alternating current in the primary coil also increases. This is certainly true for primary voltages up to about 2.

This creates an alternating magnetic field in the primary coil, resulting in the magnetic field lines changing direction more frequently. Evaluation I found that the procedure was fairly easy to carry out, and worked well, as I have obtained evidence that has shown a definite trend.

This is wasted energy. Nevertheless my results demonstrate that increasing the primary voltage increases the secondary voltage. A power supply with a higher tolerance should be used in future work. Should there be restriction on the sale What I meant was that the two coils would be side by side, with their edges just touching.

This was caused by the rotation of domains in the iron core. Therefore not as many magnetic field lines are cut by the turns on the secondary coil in a given time, and consequently a smaller voltage is induced. Nevertheless I do believe my results to be reliable on account of the smooth trend their averages have produced, and as no anomalies were obtained.

I shall now account for V1 and V2 not being directly proportional as the transformer equation tells us: They used three dimensions of behaviour which were emotionality, activity, and sociability This is as the higher the voltage the higher the resistance.

Describe one way in which temperament has been studied. This is because a high constant voltage leads to a high current.

Investigating a factor affecting the voltage output of a transformer.

Base on the result we can find out the way in which our body adapts to particular activities that need different Within a seed there is a significant amount of stored energy, in the form of lipid and carbohydrate.

The only slight difficulty was the measuring of voltages within three seconds of turning the power supply on. Energy demands are extremely likely to increase in the future due to rapid global population growth, the world population now nearly seven billion may rise to 16 billion by and predicted by the UN.

Perhaps it is necessary to be more specific. This too is a source of energy loss. They are cut more times in a given time period by the turns on the secondary coil, increasing the voltage induced, via electromagnetic induction, in a given time.

Thus increasing primary voltage increases the secondary voltage. Therefore I believe that I have obtained good results as the curve I obtained is smooth and there is direct proportionality up to a certain point, and as the experiment carried out was undertaken in a restrictive school laboratory.

The weakened alternating current leads to a weakened alternating magnetic field. When a seed is digested a person can be aware of how much energy they are consuming by having access to the seeds calorie content. I predicted via my good scientific knowledge and calculations that V1 should be directly proportional to V2.

I have no anomalous points, as they all lie on the line of best fit, which suggests my results are reliable. Using a thicker one in future work may strengthen the magnetic field in the primary resulting in a greater secondary voltage being induced. Seeds also benefit the consumer The term energy drink was created by companies in the beverage industry and is not recognized by the United State Food Furthermore the ranges, in which replicates from the same nominal voltage lie, are very small.

Moreover that when N1 and N2 are equal V1 and V2 should also be equal.

Investigating a Factor Affecting The Voltage Output Of a Transformer Essay Sample

All replicates were very consistent, showing that my results are reliable. From this point onwards, while increasing the primary voltage will increase the secondary voltage, the two are not directly proportional.2 Fluke Corporation Common power quality factors affecting transformers • In a transformer feeding three- phase loads which include drives or UPS systems with 6-pulse converters, the 5th and.

Jul 15,  · INVESTIGATING: How to Identify a Transformer (Input/Output Voltage, Amperage, Taps) (Part 2) Me identifying a transformer. Is it working? What input/output voltage is it?

To Investigate How Increasing The Voltage Can Affect The Flow Of Current Essay Sample

How are the taps. What are the reasons for over-voltage on transformer secondary? Sometime in distribution transformer secondary voltage shows v instead of v.

to maintain the power factor, capaciter. I shall be investigating a factor affecting the voltage output of a transformer.

In order to do this I shall be measuring the range of voltages that are induced across the secondary coil of the transformer when one factor is varied. Electrical Power in a Transformer. Another one of the transformer basics parameters is its power rating. The power rating of a transformer is obtained by simply multiplying the current by the voltage to obtain a rating in Volt-amperes, (VA).

My objective in this experiment is to investigate one of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of wire. The factor I chose was length. Factors: There our four different things that affect the resistance of a wire: 1.

Investigating a factor affecting the voltage output of a transformer essay
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