Julius caesar act ii graphic organizer

Home Connection Using the Plot Diagram information, students may take any television show and plot the plot, denoting the rising action, climax, and falling action of the storyline.

Brutus will be sentenced the death penalty. Aside by Trebonius Act II, scene ii, lines Have students check their predictions from Part V and share the results.

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The students who see Brutus as guilty will act as prosecutors while those who find him justified will act as defendants. Remind the students that the resolution is where the author or playwright ties up loose ends and answers all questions. Julius Caesar Lesson Plan: Instruct students to read Act V during this class period and think about its role as the resolution.

Each time he holds them back, he builds their desire until finally they are passionate enough to do what Antony wants, seek out and kill the conspirators, and, consequently, leave him in power.

Julius Caesar

Remember to make this as dramatic as possible! Look closely at the rhythms that Antony builds into his oration. Majority for the defense: Why or why not? Analyzing Speeches written by: After reading this act, ask students to share where they found the example of foreshadowing.

Write the character who speaks it in column 2. Props for an "Honorable Judge," gavel, black robe, etc. So shut up and do the character and speech analysis.

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He then sets before them his reasons for the murder of Caesar and points out that documentation exists in the Capitol that support his claims.

As a finishing touch, just as Antony created an impressive image by entering the Forum bearing the body of Caesar, he draws his oration to a close by pointing to another image that will remain in the minds of the people as they riot.

Julius Caesar Act 1 Graphic Organizer

Act I, Scene i, lines After reading, ask the students to share where they found the anachronism. Ask students to revisit the Plot Diagram printable and write a few main events from Act II on the diagram that support this act as the rising action of the play.

Instruct students to read Act I during this class period and think about its expository role. Write what it reveals about the charcter in column 4. Choose one of the defendants to act as Brutus, two as lawyers, and others as witnesses or fellow senators.

Include the effects these elements have on the overall theme of the play.The Julies Caesar Act II has 4 scenes, First is where Brutus walks in his garden, was unable to sleep and brooding over the decision he must make.

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Second is the storm where Caesar and his wife are struggling and Caesar intended to 1/5(1). Julius Caesar Act II Test. 04 05 02 Conclusion Graphic Organizer.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act III, page 60 Graphic Organizer: (Responses will vary. Sample responses and guidelines for evaluating students’ responses follow.) Documents Similar To Julius Caesar Act III Go.

Julius Caesar Act III Test.

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Julius Caesar Act I and Act II Julius Caesar Act I Name Character Notes Important Quotes Evidence of Loyalty (to whom?) Cinna Flavius Cicero Cassius Brutus Soothsayer Antony Calpurnia Casca Caesar Commoners Marullus Annoyed with the fickle crowd Cinna placed fake letters from the people of Rome into Brutus’s room.

AT English 10B. Search this site. Home. Sitemap. Home. The Reality of Fear; Free From Fear; Jane Eyre Genre Analysis Fear in Film; Project Runaway!

Bringing it all Together; Julius Caesar Act I Graphic Organizer; Julius Caesar Act II Graphic Organizer; Julius Caesar Act III Graphic Organizer; Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar Act 1 Graphic Organizer Name Character Notes Important Quotes Flavius Annoyed with the crowd because they are too fickle.

“ It is no matter. Let no images be hung with caesar’s trophies%(21).

Julius caesar act ii graphic organizer
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