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But Enid was only upset because Geraint had given up being a knight to be with her. One version of the story has him executing Guinevere after she betrays Arthur and joins Mordred in his bid to rule England.

You Killed My Father: He is one of the allied kings overcome by Arthur in his first major battle. On the one hand, he launches assaults on Otherworldly fortresses in search of treasure and King arthur characters their prisoners. In some versions, and in most versions of King arthur characters Grail Quest his hardest test King arthur characters resisting a beautiful enchantress.

Love at First Sight: Sir Bruce always manages to avoid capture and is a recurring example of the old injustices that Arthur is trying to fight. The so-called " Arthur stone ", discovered in among the ruins at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall in securely dated 6th-century contexts, created a brief stir but proved irrelevant.

For the Grail quest in the later versions. These culminate in the Battle of Badonwhere he is said to King arthur characters single-handedly killed men. She is also called the Damsel of the Lake.

On the same night Leodegrance fathered Guinevere, he also begat another girl on the wife of his seneschal. As a result, Uther went to war with Gorlois, defeated and slew him.

He is both a humorous and pathetic character. Doorm Known as "the bull," he is an outlaw earl who leads a band of brigands from his stronghold in Lyonnesse. Royals Who Actually Do Something: Not the only ex-Saracen knight, but certainly the most prominent. Elaine dies of a broken heart when she learns that her love for Lancelot is not answered, but even at the moment of her death she never expresses any bitterness or malice.

Malory based his book—originally titled The Whole Book of King Arthur and of His Noble Knights of the Round Table—on the various previous romance versions, in particular the Vulgate Cycle, and appears to have aimed at creating a comprehensive and authoritative collection of Arthurian stories.

Sir Ector is good-natured, pompous, and boisterous. Modred The oldest son of Lot, brother of Gawain and Gareth. His specialty is handing out these. Other manuscripts have more variations. In all versions is this. She is indicated to be the unwitting human cause of the moral ruin that eventually infects and destroys the whole court.

In Welsh poetry the name is always spelled Arthur and is exclusively rhymed with words ending in -ur—never words ending in -wr—which confirms that the second element cannot be [g]wr "man".

On the receiving end of one. Yniol The father of Enid. The Winchester Round Table shows 25 Knights. A less obviously legendary account of Arthur appears in the Legenda Sancti Goeznoviiwhich is often claimed to date from the early 11th century although the earliest manuscript of this text dates from the 15th century and the text is now dated to the late 12th to early 13th century.

As a result of his affair, Guinevere banishes Launcelot from Camelot, and he goes half-mad with grief. Here are a handful of the better known, and there are links to fuller information about each.

Often paired with Kay in the oldest Welsh material. Most of his quest for the Holy Grail is him atoning for his sins.

List of Arthurian characters

Lancelot is technically a king, and Galahad later briefly rules the mystical realm of Sarras alongside Percival and Bors. For example, his final speech to Guinevere is superb in its compassion, but also priggishly intolerable and very like a dull sermon. Arthur stands as a magnificent example of what a man might become, but he offers little to the reader who seeks to learn what men are.

He is portrayed by Tennyson as the model of human perfection for he possesses all the highest qualities to which any man might aspire.

In a tournament with Gawain and Ywain, he is valiant. As a result of her cruelty, Pelleas meets his downfall. Only very recently have we seen a swing of the pendulum back in favor of more Action Girl -esque portrayals. Vivien Vivien is the woman who entombs Merlin in a cave or a tree.

Arthur is known as the Wart in the first book and as King Arthur once he is crowned.Arthur Son of Uther Pendragon and Igrayne, Arthur is given to Merlin the magician, who later counsels him in all matters. Sir Ector raises the boy until he pulls the sword, Excalibur, from the stone.

He then becomes the mightiest king of his time. Uther Pendragon The mightiest of all English kings. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. All characters that appear in Arthur (and specials) or Postcards from Buster.

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A page for describing Characters: King Arthur. Badass Family: Though who's related to whom varies wildly Depending on the Author. Blood Knight: Knights were. King Arthur and his Horse Welsh chronicles mention two names of horses owned by King Arthur.

Bran Bran is an ancient Welsh hero, the son of Llyr, and is sometimes portrayed as an ancestor of King Arthur.

King arthur characters
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