Psy 300 week 4 life span development and personality

InMarilyn married her second husband, Joe DiMaggio. Monroe very possibly may have inherited mental illness from her family.

Both her grandfather and great-grandmother were institutionalized in, and died in, mental hospitals. The marriage lasted four years.

When Marilyn was sixteen years old, just two years away from adulthood, she was to become a ward of the state again. Cognitive social theory involves self — efficacy and self — esteem. Marilyn did not know her older siblings until she was eighteen years old Johnson, She was treated as nothing more than a servant girl by these families.

Monroe found faults in herself; however she believed that she was capable of being better. Researchers say that those with high self — efficacy have higher aspirations and persistence than those with low self — efficacy Renner, et al, In order to understand lifespan development, one must examine all components that contribute to the personality.

Self — esteem can be positive or negative. As a child, Monroe witnessed her mother have mental episodes and be institutionalized.

Monroe had both positive and negative self — esteem. Eventually, school combined with training for her acting career became too much for Marilyn. When she felt intellectually inferior, she enrolled in college.

A young Marilyn was passed around to foster families that needed the five dollars a week she came with.


When young Marilyn tried to tell others about the abuse, she was silenced. She decided to enroll at the University of Southern California and take art courses. Self — esteem is how one sees them self.

In her autobiography, Monroe called her marriage simply a friendship with marital privileges. Heredity versus Environment Marilyn Monroe lived in a childhood filled with poverty.

Although their marriage lasted barely a year, Marilyn depended on DiMaggio for some time before her death. Marilyn Monroe Humans develop throughout their entire lifespan, essentially from womb to tomb.

However, these theories together may help in understanding a person. Even Monroe suffered from depression and lived her final days as a recluse Britannica, under the care of a psychiatrist.

According to Monroeshe lived with approximately nine foster families before she was sixteen years old. These events affected Monroe in her early childhood and into adulthood. Conclusion Personality psychology has several different theories Renner, et al, She quit college but intended to return at a later time.

Both theories ignore the conscious and unconscious of a person. Like cognitive social theory, biological theory also focuses on determinism.

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Baker, was born into a broken home and her family had a history of mental illness. Cognitive social theory stresses determinism, or the view that behavior is directed and caused by factors that one has no control over Renner, et al, Marilyn did things to fit the mold of her environment, not the mold of herself internally.

Lifespan Development and Personality: Family Issues and Support Systems Marilyn never knew her birth father. Cognitive social theory ignores the internal processes to explain behavior.According to the course catalog, “The course follows the life span development of the individual, emphasizing the theoretical and experimental approaches to the study of cognitive, personality, social, perceptual, and physical components of development from conception to death.”.

Life Span Development and Personality Paper Sara Jagoda PSY/ January 10, Ron Goodnight Life Span Development and Personality Paper Oprah Gail Winfrey was born on January 29, in a poverty stricken rural area of Mississippi to a single teenage mother.

Oprah was moved from Mississippi shortly after she was born and. PSY Life Span Development & Personality Paper Martin Luther King+ TURNITIN ORIGINALITY REPORT - UOP PSY/ *****Life Span Development & Personality Paper A+ Psy Week 4 Lifespan Development And Personality Paper Words Apa Format Conclusion 5 References Psy/ Psy Select.

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Psy 300 week 4 life span development and personality
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