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My first year it was okay, I even met a special someone who later broke my heart, but that is another story on its own.

Now I am graduating college and with that leaving this home behind, and everything else.

Think Simple Now — a moment of clarity

My parents being nice again. Of course I was not thinking of staying there forever. Buy a house and then rent it out. Just knowing your work was superior.

You already have done the impossible, keep fighting. You need not write 10, words to win this contest. If you stay living here you will stay here forever, your friends are going to leave soon too, you need to move out and start living life.

Judges are looking for creativity and encourage unpublished authors to enter. Real simple life lessons essay matter whom you are or what you do, you should enter an annual essay contest at least once in your life!

Winners in the past have written essays about topics like cancer and alcoholism. Are you a content writer looking to get noticed? It was excellent to be able to do so many things and to not worry about money at all. Maybe life will be bad, maybe it will be good who knows but remember to enjoy the ride.

However you more than anyone else knows that you are not meant to stay in the same place, and much less stay in a city like this. Essays are limited to 6, words.

Whatever the reason, people who love to write are thrilled to win contests. My parents being adorable helped me a lot with tuition, books and dorms.

Real Simple Life Lessons Essay Contest Since the yearthe magazine Real Simple has reached millions of readers, and for the past four years, the magazine has held an essay contest based on a theme. While there is no entry fee, you can only enter one essay.

Looking through past contest winners, you will see that length varies greatly. Share it with us! It helped me so much, I was able to save up to travel the world, and do many things I had never imagined. Almost five years ago I came to college, my first year i was required to live in the dorms.

Do you know of a reputable writing contest? College does a great job of keeping you busy the first year so you forget about missing home. Dear Bree, I know being inside your comfort zone feels nice, you have had great opportunities during these four years.

Honestly, it felt good to come home. While most of the other writing contests for the magazine are based on fiction, this is a contest that accepts essays.

real simples life lessons essay contest

I was having the time of my life, well something like that. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter. Truth to be told, I came out of my comfort box to a new country that I barely knew the language to, came to college where I barely knew anyone and to live alone when I had been really close to my family.It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.

inspiring stories from real people. Join our empowering community by entering your email address below. The Ultimate Guide to Personal Motivation ; 76 thoughts on 12 Powerful Life Lessons.

Onika Best. April 25, at pm PDT. I was speaking about journeys today. The. Life Lessons Essay Contest is permanently closed to submissions. This listing is for archival purposes only. Get Expert Essay Editing Help > Build Your Thesis Statement > Log in.

Search. Real Simple Magazine is currently hosting their ninth annual Life Lessons Essay Contest. The grand prize is $3, and publication in their magazine. Second place is $ and third place is $ According to their contest guidelines: “Maybe you had to move cross-country after being relocated for.

We're very pleased to announce the winner of our Life Lessons Essay Contest! Read Mara Eve Robbins' story about when she first understood the meaning of love. Someone to Hold On To: An Essay on the Meaning of Love | Real Simple. One of the Writer's Digest Best Websites for Writers.

Home > What's New > Good Read Essay Contest. Latest Tweets. From a 47 acre garbage dump in California to Minnesota’s Mall of America, Amanda Petrusich on the oddball residencies where artists and writers can flee the stifling of our era.

Real simple life lessons essay
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