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If you have not received an email from Annie about giving feedback, your assigned lectures have not come up yet. ImageShop For your fifth assignment, you will implement the algorithms for an image editing program.

Please see the final exam webpage for more information about exam regrades, statistics and scores. BiasBars For your sixth assignment, you will implement a BiasBars, a program that visualizes gender biases in online comments. If, at any point, you would like to provide some quick thoughts about a lecture besides the ones to which you are assigned, please feel free.

See the Midterm page for details. We hope to see you there! This is an optional session meant to provide additional help getting started with the assignment. Snowman For your third assignment, you will write a console program to play a game called Snowman. If you cannot make the new time, you may attend any of these makeup sections: July 4 Holiday As a reminder, because of the July 4 holiday, we will not have lecture Wednesday.

These programs will give you practice with concepts like variables, methods, control flow, and more.

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YEAH slides are now posted on the assignment page. Thank you all for an amazing quarter, and have a great rest of the summer! Final Exams Graded The final exams have been graded, and individual scores have been released via Gradescope.

Breakout For your fourth assignment, you will implement the classic arcade game Breakout. The assignment is due Monday, July 30th, but make sure to get started early! This assignment will give you practice with concepts like 1D arrays, 2D arrays, and image manipulation. See the assignment page for more details.

The demo is currently missing from the assignment page, but it will be up shortly and you can use the output comparison tool without the demo. The assignment is due Monday, August 6th, but make sure to get started early!

This program will give you practice with methods, parameters, return, Strings, and file-reading.

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Definitely prioritize preparing for the midterm, though: The feedback link can be found in the "Lectures" dropdown at the top of the page. If you have a Wednesday section, your Section Leader should have emailed you with your makeup section time. Midterm is ready to download!

In particular, the material covered by this assignment is also covered by the midterm, so starting this assignment before the midterm can give you extra practice with graphics, events, animation and instance variables.

Updated console output tool We hope you are hard at work on Assignment 2! Make sure to have both the midterm and bluebook download prior to the test. The assignment is due Tuesday, August 14th, but make sure to get started early!

For detailed information, including material to study, exam policies, and practice material, please see the midterm info webpage, linked to in the sidebar at left.

We would really appreciate it!In CSA we use a free "development environment" called Eclipse to write our programs.

OpenCourseWare: Stanford’s CS106A: Programming Methodology

It is the most popular development environment for the Java language. It is the most popular development environment for the Java language. Stanford Online supports a lifetime of learning opportunities for learners on campus and beyond through free online courses, as well as graduate and professional certificates, advanced degrees, and executive education programs.

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free & open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum.

Introduction to Programming in Java. January IAP Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, Key Differences MIT vs Stanford: Language - Python vs.

Java Text - all free/linked online from OCW Readings page vs.1 free and 1 $90 As a computer science student, what is the correct way of going through MIT OpenCourseWare step-wise and also, how are the courses numbered, e.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) expands the Stanford experience to students and educators online and at no charge.

Introduction to Programming in Java

A computer and an Internet connection are all you need. The SEE course portfolio includes one of Stanford's most popular sequences: the three-course Introduction to Computer Science, taken by the majority of Stanford’s. Open Learning at Harvard At Harvard Extension School, free and open learning is hardly a new concept.

In fact, the Extension School was founded with this mission in mind: to create an affordable way for any motivated student to take courses at Harvard.

Stanford opencourseware java
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