Teacher made students write arabic in english

Making their own mnemonics will be more motivating and memorable. In order to be able to spell well a number of language processing skills are needed. Is this spelling pattern found in single and multi-syllable words, e.

It is more helpful for them see the language as having teacher made students write arabic in english regularity and patterns than to dwell on its difficulties. The five common troubles facing ESL learners whose Arabic is the first language can be minimized and even eliminated with editing exercises, reading English and having a teacher who is understanding of the challenges of writing in a second language.

This seems to be the key to learning spelling. The circular structure in the English essay is contrasted with a very linear one in Arabic where the conclusion has to bring something new!

Students feel more motivated if they can see their progress and know that their tests are being taken seriously. Many students tend to literally translate from their first language to English.

Encourage students to hand-write new words and practise longer pieces of writing. Do not try to teach them the whole phonemic alphabet. It is also useful to be able to group words of different spelling patterns or sounds. Cuisenaire Rods could be used for this Lots of different ways to try to help students exercise their visual memory.

Remedial Spelling in EFL

Teach commonly occurring spelling patterns and rules. By hand-writing words they are more likely to fix patterns in their mind. Then learners have to remember the phonemes in the right order and the which letters represent those phonemes.

The appropriate spelling of homophones is needed for the context: Position of spelling patterns — e. The sentence makes perfect sense in Arabic but not in English; the student means here the flu infection is caused by greetings and handshakes.

Students need to be able to hear and probably pronounce the word they want to spell. When correcting spelling errors in written work draw attention to why a word is wrong, e. They often need to think about associated words they know with the same root or a similar meaning and be able to consider the affixes separately.

5 Writing Trouble Spots for ESL Students of Arabic

Teachers felt strongly that they needed more training in this area. A teacher can show that this is not so and there are ways of tackling it Even more work on the visual characteristics of words, such as looking at the overall shape.

By trying to write the word students are going through a useful process of thinking about its structure. Good spellers recognise the probability of letters occurring in certain sequences.

Plus, the teacher should give them solutions to over come this problem out like adding periods then starting new sentences and using connectors. You could give some unfamiliar words incorporating the same pattern in this type of test too, but nothing too difficult.

All the points above should be borne in mind, but as there will be a much greater emphasis on developing spelling skills and assuming that all the students in the class struggle with English spelling, here are some further points to consider. Get students in the habit of noticing common factors affecting spelling patterns in new words as this makes them more memorable.

Use different coloured pens to highlight spelling patterns for example. A multilingual general English class usually comprises a mix of learners with different levels of spelling and varying needs. If you give spelling tests focusing on a particular spelling pattern, 1.

There was also a need, many felt, for more self-access materials, though it was pointed out that sometimes the students with the most serious problems were the least likely to use them.

One Japanese student said she had had a similar experience but when a private teacher had later explained some rules to her, her spelling improved greatly. For irregular spellings teach some mnemonics, e.

Use games, personalisation, etc. By being able to recognise affixes in a word they can break it down into manageable parts. Several very experienced teachers admitted that they did not know how to go about teaching remedial spelling myself included. Students therefore need to employ strategies to remember these just as they remember names, perhaps symbols in their own written language eg Chinese or any other information.Do’s & Don’ts for Teaching English-Language Learners In an excerpt from his book with fellow teacher Katie Hull Sypnieski, blogger Larry Ferlazzo looks at a few basic ways to reach students who are learning English as well as the subject at hand.

5 Writing Trouble Spots for ESL Students of Arabic. Tweet: 7 Comments. several students whose first language is Arabic write endless sentences with no periods and infinite commas!

You can correct them but still they will repeat this mistake. reading English and having a teacher who is understanding of the challenges of writing in a. As a teacher of English to Arabic speaking students I have encountered a number of specific difficulties Arab students have in mastering the.

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Teacher made students write arabic in english
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