The great war and its consequences essay

Essay on The Causes and Consequences of the Great Depression

The Nazis were spending money on arms and construction of roads, because of it was required by the aggressive plans of Hitler, but the result was exactly what Keynes predicted: As a result, many scientists today also take the position of criticism over the market capitalism and support economically destructive policy of the authorities.

But they apparently did not know an important principle of international trade: Government failed to save the pound and Britain had to refuse from the gold standard — financial stability.

Thus, not free market and large-scale political incompetence finally led to the 12 years of agony, not only in the USA, but in many countries of the world. In any case, these manipulations are sufficient to deprive an economic card-castle of its shaky foundation Reedp.

Most economists-monetarists, in particular the representatives of the Austrian school, note the close relationship between cash flow and economic activity. Another common view discussed by Marxist approach is that the responsibility for the Great Depression lies on capitalism and market economy, and only the intervention of the state led to the economic recovery of America Reedp.

The authors of many historical studies argue that rampant speculation in shares was associated with the excessive use of leverage. The constant oppressive feeling of insecurity and fear of losing their jobs was supplemented with the constantly lowering wages. The Great Depression officially ended inbut in reality the U.

However, there is another point of view about the causes of the Great Depression. Inother countries owed 30 billion dollars to U. Moreover, the fall of the margin requirements began to rise, and borrowers had to pay in cash most of the cost of the purchased shares Smileyp.

According to the Marxist approach, the Great Depression was preceded by the rapid growth of the U. In his first hundred days he took severe measures to limit profits.

In general, the recovery of the U.

Further in this paper, we will critically examine social and economic causes of the Great Depression, as well as analyze its consequences through the prism of different approaches. This led to the emergence of hidden inflation, as the government printed new money for the rapid growth of the economy.

In Britain the Labour government fell, and the party itself was split. Unrestrained growth of the credit monetary mass became what the economist Benjamin Anderson called the beginning of the New Deal — the well-known interventionist policy carried out later by the President Franklin Roosevelt.

Thus, the Great Depression not only led to the war, but was also cured by this war, as paradoxical as it was from a historical and economic point of view. Militarism played a similar role in Japan. Labourist leaders entered into the coalition with the Conservatives and the Liberals and formed the coalition government which cut unemployment benefits and salaries to civil servants.

This policy, known as protectionism, was applied by many countries, which led to reduction in global trade and slowed the overall economic recovery Gatesp. Almost all the bankrupted banks had worked in the states with branchless system laws these laws prohibited banks to open branches and thereby diversify their portfolios and reduce risks.Essay on The Great War Words | 5 Pages Imperialism The late nineteenth and early twentieth century saw a great deal of colonization of Asia and Africa by European powers, each trying to fulfill its own version of manifest destiny.

There were three major consequences of World War II.

Firstly, the decades following the end of the Second World War involved the gradual fall of the traditional great empires and the rise and spread of nation states that replaced the colonial territories throughout the world (Brower,pg 1).

War and Its Effects essaysFlipping through the channels on TV, we are most likely to run over the news of a war going some where on the world. People are always fighting over territory, political ideas, or simply out of faith.

It is all this violence that affect us as human beings; we have gotten s. Free Essay: Overview How did the First World War lead to revolution in Russia and the disintegration of several once-powerful empires?

(The Earth and Its. War is Hell, War is Peace - War is Necessary Essay - War is controversial, unfortunate, and certainly misunderstood; it is a transforming agent, a catalyst for change. Nonetheless, many people focus on war's negative. The “Great War” and Its Consequences Essay - Overview How did the First World War lead to revolution in Russia and the disintegration of several once-powerful empires.

(The Earth and Its Peoples, ) The first World War, also known as the Great War or “the war to end all wars”, had a profound impact on the societies across the globe.

The great war and its consequences essay
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