The impact of admission fees to popular tourist attractions and the use of the fees for other infras

Emei near Chengdu, announced in September they would not raise admission fees within 3 years, according to various reports. The Forbidden City in Beijing is a must-see attraction for travelers to China and its admission fee remains unchanged.

Visit China before tourist attractions raise admission fees Day China Essences with Chengdu Pandas Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin - Shanghai To refrain from dramatic price hike, Chinese Tourist Attractions Association appealed for all scenic spots not to raise admission fees, of which including many 4A and 5A level attractions have made their promises.

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If China is on your travel list, now is perhaps the best time to visit, before it gets expensive. Besides, most delegates suggest heritage sites be opened free to primary and middle students during selected days every month. Lu Zhou, vice-president of the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University, said more than 90 per cent of the total income of the five heritage sites comes from ticket revenues, and this money barely meets the requirements of basic daily maintenance.

Partly due to this, a trip to China is getting expensiveaccording to Odyssey product manager Vera Zhao. Contact Odyssey Tours to book your China tour now!

Most of the delegates also shared the view that the proposed ticket price hikes will not curb the increasing flow of visitors to the heritage sites already saturated by tourists.

Many Beijing attractions promised not raise admission fees, such as the Forbidden City and Summer Palace. However, many public delegates showed concern on whether the increased income will really be used for heritage protection and they called for a supervisory system.

Most of them are located in Sichuan, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces. Tourist spots in China are required by the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission NDRC to maintain a minimum three-year interval between price increases, however, most of them will take the chance to raise price during the interval.

They called for management to adopt compulsory methods to limit the number of tourists. Other heritage sites that will see higher admission prices include the Summer Palace, an imperial garden built inthe Temple of Heaven, an imperial sacrificial altar built inand the Dingling and Changling tombs of the Ming Mausoleums where 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty were buried.Feb 07,  · so instead of you researching which attractions you are interested in and then going on the web and looking up their entry fees, you think strangers on the internet should do this research for you?

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Report inappropriate content. Mar 17,  · The Impact of Charging Museum Admission: New AIM Research Survey 17/03/ 07/04/ / Sassy Hicks AIM has just launched a sector wide survey which is the first part of vital research into the impact of charging for admissions on museums and heritage sites.

Jan 23,  · Would appreciate an indication of the entrance fees (if applicable) for the following places: Pamplemousse Garden.

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Troux aux Cerfs Crater. Eureka.

The Impact of Charging Museum Admission: New AIM Research Survey

Black River Gorges Park. Answer 1 of Can any one pls help me with the entrance fees to all major tourist attractons of this place///??? are there any sort of group discounts??? or some. List of Xian Tourist Attraction Entrance Tickets Many individual travelers often ask us about the entrance ticket fees of major tourist spots in Xian.

Over 2000 Tourist Attractions in China Promise Not to Raise Admission Fees Within 3 Years

Here we share all major tourist attraction ticket fess and opening hours in Xi’an as follows. Tourist sites to raise admission fees By Li Jing (China Daily) Updated: Some of Beijing's most famous tourist attractions may raise the cost of admission.

The impact of admission fees to popular tourist attractions and the use of the fees for other infras
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