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We are now in the Globalization 3.

The World Is Flat Summary

He describes each force. The third flattener is work flow software. Friedman called the flattener "When the walls came down, and the windows came up. For the first time, companies can operate with the same access to subsidized utilities and tax breaks that domestic firms have enjoyed.

Suddenly the rules of the game had changed in a way that previous attempts to open the Chinese market had failed to do. The World Is Flat: Friedman realizes that the world is flat, which fills him with both dread and excitement.

Both Friedman and Columbus are the same because they are both searching for wealth and success. This is because so much of the software had to be rewritten to be compliant, that many companies sent the work out to programmers in India to handle the work. Friedman emphasizes that the triple convergence is not only happening, but happening faster than most people realize.

At that point, the basic platform for the revolution to follow was created: The unique characteristic of this stage is that it is based on the new found power of individuals to collaborate and compete globally.

The second forc e is the day Netscape went public on the Stock Market. Proposed remedies[ edit ] Thomas Friedman believes that to fight the quiet crisis of a flattening world, the US workforce should keep updating its work skills.

If they can find those opportunities overseas, then I am sure they will do business overseas. Friedman then discusses the "triple convergence. Outsourcing, or hiring someone from another country to complete work remotely, will play an enormous role in this era.

The first chapter in The World Is Flat recalls the voyage of Columbus, colonization, and industrialization. It is the ability of machines to talk to other machines with no humans involved, as stated by Friedman.

The growth of search engines is tremendous; for example, Friedman states, Google is "now processing roughly one billion searches per day, up from million just three years ago". The frames and panels are automatically welded together, and then automatically painted. Google and other search engines and Wikipedia are the prime examples.

The World Is Flat Questions and Answers

Would you feel comfortable knowing that your taxes had been prepared by an overseas accountant, or your CAT scan read by an overseas radiologist?

Gray also declares, "least of all does it make it flat". Friedman considers the phenomenon "the most disruptive force of all". Some of them are more obvious then others, but an argument can be made for all of them as to their effect on bringing the world together.

The next flattener is supply-chaining, which allows Wal-Mart to be the biggest retail chain in the world, even though it does not make anything.

Uploading allows individuals or communities to put information on the Web. He says that during that time Columbus was only searching for wealth and trying to become more successful at what he did.

In this new edition, Thomas L. Not only is the world not flat: As you will see these flatteners are not just business related. Friedman goes on to discuss forces that are flattening the world.

Friedman repeatedly uses lists as organizational devices to communicate key concepts, usually numbered and often with provocative labels. The third convergence was the emergence of several billion people in the playing field. The first force, the falling of the Berlin Wallis not only a political flattener but an economic one as well.The World Is Flat A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century [Thomas L.

Friedman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New Edition of the Phenomenal #1 Bestseller One mark of a great book is that it makes you see things in a new way4/5(). The world was being flattened." From this, we can see that a "flat" world is one in which the "playing field" on which companies compete has become level.

It is one in which companies from various countries can compete with one another on an equal basis. Mar 06,  · The World Is Flat Ch. 1 Questions. Mar 6. Posted by snguyenpgregory.

1. The first chapter in The World Is Flat recalls the voyage of Columbus, colonization, and industrialization. Are the motivations behind twenty-first-century globalization much different from the ones recorded throughout history? sarahlanepham on The World. Why the World Is Flat Thomas Friedman credit: Hiroshi Nagai Thirty-five years ago this summer, the golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez was competing in his seventh US Open, played that year at Hazeltine.

The World Is Flat Homework Help Questions. What is the era Friedman refers to as Globalization ? You can find the answer to this in Chapter 1. The World is FlatChapter 1 – While I was Sleeping Mariam M.

Al-Thani There have been 3 eras of Globalization: There have been 3 eras of Globalization The first era involved countries globalizing from around to

The world is flat q a ch1
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